Japanese used vans are popular abroad

The performance characteristics well have good mileage, too and the Japanese car is popular concerning Takeo from the foreign countries, too.
The particularly used van is sold abroad and many people get on.
After all it is popular that I am strong, functionality is high and a run is good.
In Japan, a new car comes out steadily and buys a new it because many people are new.
Because the company in particular uses a new car in the form called the rental, I use the van which became old to export it to the foreign countries.
As for the Japanese used van, performance is really good to some extent because I can sell abroad afterward if I use it.
In addition, there is the feeling that I used up if the car is used to there because I use it until it is broken abroad.
Because it inflects as recycling if I scrap it, there is no waste.
And and it is used, and, as for the performance characteristics as the car, the ride comfort is good without falling there is what I purchase there even if an overseas person is high to some extent.
Our country which is car industry exports the used cars steadily and raises demand characteristics.