The truck made in Japan is hard to be broken and thinks with

already knowing popularity as a used car, but, in Southeast Asia and African countries, South America, it is hard to be broken, and a truck made in good Japan of the performance is popular. The demand for used truck increases in Africa and Asia, Russia, South America, and an exported Japanese old truck plays an active part all over the world now.
For example, I am redecorated as not only the freight but also a bus, and, in Southeast Asia, the used truck is used, and even the Philippines rides it together, and Japanese used goods trucks are used for a bus and jeepney well. The Japanese used truck is extreme popularity in this way in the developing countries.
Not only it is said that the one which the popularity of the old old truck is high in is cheap, but also there seems to be easy maintenance. The old type that is rich in used parts is pleased with with the structure that is simpler than the latest engine complicated for exhaust gas measures too much.
I am regenerated well, and, in the foreign countries that a maintenance wage is far superior, and are cheap, even an old car subjected to the dismantling from numerousness of the mileage is sold as a used goods truck in Japan.